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  Bark, Topsoil & Turf.
We stock three products from the Melcourt® range. Playbark 10/50 is specially designed for use around children's play areas. Spruce Ornamental and Amenity Bark Mulch are decorative barks for landscaping purposes.


Melcourt Playbark 10/50

Melcourt Spruce Ornamental

Melcourt Amenity Bark Mulch

Topsoil & Turf
We stock topsoil all year round.

The screened topsoil has been processed to seive out the larger stones/roots and has been blended with sand and composted green waste to improve its quality. This is the best topsoil available locally.

We generally stock seeded turf from Easter through to autumn, though we may have reduced stocks if we have an exceptionally wet period when turf can not be harvested. The seeded turf is specially grown and has a narrow leaf. Please call before collecting turf to ensure we have sufficient stock. We can generally order turf in to meet your order giving at least 48 hours notice and may be able to arrange for large orders to be delivered directly to you.



Screened Topsoil

Seeded Turf



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