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tel: 01527 89 3343  
Logo One Tonne Approx Weight When filled with rubble or soil.
In order to provide an environmentaly friendly service the majority of our collections are recycled.

Better access, we can collect your Skippybag from a distance of up to 4 metres from the roadside.

Compare to the cost of a skip, with more flexibility, discounts for multiple bags and collection during delivery of other goods to the same address!

Skippy Bags
  • No Skip to block your drive
  • No time restrictions
  • Use at your leisure
  • No hire charges
  • Call to arrange collection

Where to buy:
From our office:
S.E. Davis & Son Ltd, Edgioake Lane, Astwood Bank, Redditch. B96 6BG.

Tel: 01527 89 3343

Skippy Bag instructions

Decide where to place your Skippybags
(Once you have started filling your Skippybags - DON'T MOVE THEM)

  • Moving will risk damage to yourself and the Skippybags
  • Skippybags must be placed within 4 metres of the road for our truck to collect them
  • The access road must be at least 4 metres wide for our truck to get there

  • There must be no overhead obstructions such as power lines, telephone cables or trees near the skippybags or we will not be able to collect them
  • Our driver will not be able to lift Skippybags over parked vehicles or buildings
  • Skippybags must not be placed on the pavement or road without permission from the relevant authority

    Fold the top 15 cm of the Skippybags over

  • This makes it more rigid and easier to fill

    Start filling your Skippybags
  • Soil = 2/3 of Skippbags
  • Rubble = 3/4 of Skippybags
  • Phone us on (01527) 89 3343 for collection
  • Leave us your address and details of your debit card from which we can take payment.
  • We will collect your skippybags with 3 working days (Open Mon to Fri 8am to 5.30pm & Sat 8am to 1pm)

    Don't forget
  • Discounts apply if collecting more than 1 Skippybags
  • Discounts apply if we collect at the same time as delivering to you

    Items we Can take:
  • Soil - Earth - Clay - Stone - Brick - Tiles - Concrete - Rubble

    Items we can Not take:
  • Asbestos of any kind (e.g. roofsheets or drainpipes) Metal - Trees cuttings
    Household rubbish - Plastic - Motor Tyres - Oil - Batteries - Chemicals
    Gas cylinders - Household appliances. (If in doubt, please call and check)

  • Skippybags must be accessible 8am to 6pm for our drivers to collect EVEN if no-one is home. We reserve the right to refuse collection if the Skippybags are placed out of reach of our vehicle; if operation of the crane is obstructed; if the bag is overfilled or damaged; or if our driver believes the Skippybags contain items not permitted to process. If we fail to collect for any reason we will not be obliged to give a refund.

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   Tel: 01527 89 3343
   SE Davis & Son LTD, Edgioake Lane, Astwood Bank, Redditch, B96 6BG.